Why is it important to use only Organic Personal Lubricants ?

Almost 70% of substances that touch your mucous membrane are absorbed into your body instantly. By the way, that's why a lot of medications are consumed in this particular way. Now, imagine regularly using a lube, that contains parabens and other harmful, sometimes even carcinogenic substances that go straight into your body... regularly! Don't let this happen, take care of yourself and be conscious of what personal care or sex products you use. Make sure the lube is not just natural, but certified organic. The main difference between "natural" and "organic" lubes really comes down to the way the ingredients were sourced and weather they’ve been certified. Organic lubes are made from certified organic ingredients while natural ones can be made of natural ingredients that were sourced using chemicals. To be truly organic, a lube's ingredients won't have interacted with chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs. Make sure you are using organic products, check the ingredients, make a little research on how the products you buy are produced. It is totally worth your time, in the end of the day, health is all what matters. ❤️