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Types of lube - how to decide what's best for you

When shopping around for a personal lubricant, you’ll want to think about the different types of lube out there when choosing the one that’s best for you. Lubes come in a variety of bases with the main ones being water, silicone, and oil. Water-based is widely known as the versatile lube, water-based lubes can be used in practically any activity you can think up and are safe to use with condoms and silicone toys. This type of lube is most popular for three reasons: it won’t stain your sheets, it’s easy on the skin, and it washes off easily in water. Silicone-based is popular for people with super sensitive skin which is like silk sheets on your sensitive parts. Since...

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Sex after childbirth - why is it painful and how to improve it

Sex after childbirth can be painful. Why? The main reason is that while woman's body is adjusting back to its normal state the hormone levels are constantly fluctuating. Extensive breastfeeding may cause a lack of estrogen, which is responsible for arousal and vaginal lubrication, leading to vagina dryness and low libido. This is a completely normal process and it is important for both partners to understand that. That's why the first thing should do is talk to your partner! You have both been through a massive life changing experience. You just had a baby and with that comes massive changes to your life, relationship and sleep. Your partner is your greatest support network and you can solve this together. Second,...

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